InterPARES 3 Project, 1st International Symposium
4-5 June 2009, NARA Repository, National Archives of Korea, Seoul, South Korea

Symposium Presentations

Day 1: Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keynote Address: Continuity and Transformation in the Role of the Archivist - InterPARES 3 (2007-2012) - Luciana Duranti; InterPARES Project & TEAM Canada Director


1. Toward a Standard Migration Procedure - Sam Oh, TEAM Korea

2. The Challenges of Developing a Common Glossary Across Different Countries and Languages in InterPARES 3: Some Examples from the TEAM Brazil Experience - Claudia Lacombe Rocha, TEAM Brazil


1. The Preservation of Vital e-Records in Universities - Miquel Serra Fernàndez, TEAM Catalonia

2. The Architecture and Metadata of Web Archiving for Korean Public Sector - Kyu-Chul Lee, TEAM Korea

3. Archiving and Preserving E-mail - Mariella Guercio, TEAM Italy

4. Managing Primary Research Data and Records for Research in Research Institutions and Related Organizations: Examples from the TEAM Malaysia Case Studies - Rusnah Johare (presenter), Alwi Mohd Yunus, Irwan Kamaruddin Abdul Kadir, Haslinda Mohamed, TEAM Malaysia

5. Challenges and Strategies for Managing Digital Records in a Public Organization: Findings from the TEAM China Case Study - Jian Wang, TEAM China

6. The Challenges of Migration as a Long-term Preservation Strategy: The Findings of TEAM Norway and LongRec - Feng Luan, TEAM Norway

7. Evaluation of Institutional Conditions for Electronic Records Management (ERM) in Turkey: Results of Surveys Carried Out in 17 Institutions - Özgür Külcü, Tolga Çakmak (presenter), TEAM Turkey


Day 2: Friday, June 5, 2009


1. The Impact of the Organizational Culture of Test-beds on the Action Research Case Study Process: Some Preliminary Findings from TEAM Canada - Luciana Duranti, TEAM Canada

2. Management of Electronic Court Records: An Example from the TEAM Malaysia Case Study - Rusnah Johare, Nurussobah Hussin (presenter), Adnan Jamaluddin, TEAM Malaysia

3. Towards Preservation, Description and Arrangement of Web Records: A Case Study of Archiving Professional Seminar eLearning Space - Paul Wu Horng-Jyh, TEAM Singapore

4. A Strategy for Training on Digital Records Preservation in Mexico - Juan Voutssás, Alicia Barnard, Brenda Cabral, Jovv Valdespino, TEAM Mexico (read by Randy Preston)

Event Program

  • A copy of the Symposium program is available here.