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The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES) 3 Project is an international collaborative endeavour composed of several regional, national and multinational teams. The Direction of the entire Project is funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s Community-University Research Alliances grant, which also supports TEAM Canada, the name of which derives from the specific title given to this third phase of the Project, Theoretical Elaborations into Archival Management (TEAM): Implementing the theory of preservation of authentic records in digital systems in small and medium-sized archival organizations. The members of the InterPARES 3 Project International Alliance are:

  • TEAM Africa
  • TEAM Brazil
  • TEAM Canada
  • TEAM Catalonia
  • TEAM China
  • TEAM Colombia
  • TEAM Italy
  • TEAM Korea
  • TEAM Malaysia
  • TEAM Mexico
  • TEAM Norway
  • TEAM Turkey
  • This project will translate the theory and methods of digital preservation developed by InterPARES and other research endeavours to date into concrete action plans for existing bodies of records that are to be kept over the long term by archives—and archival/records units within organizations—endowed with limited resources. In the process, detailed knowledge will be developed on (1) how general theory and methods can be implemented in small and medium-sized archives and units and become effective practices; (2) what factors determine the type of implementation that is appropriate for each body of records in each context; and (3) what skills professionals will require to conduct such operations.

    On this basis, teaching modules will be developed for in-house training programs, continuing education workshops, and academic curricula that will provide professionals with the competence not only to preserve over the long term society's documentary heritage in digital form, but also to ensure the accountability of organizations and institutions through the protection of the accuracy and authenticity of the digital information they produce.


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