Project Direction
The administrative, financial and intellectual direction of the InterPARES 2 Project was the responsibility of the Project Director, Luciana Duranti. In carrying out the admistrative and financial direction, the Project Director was supported by a Management Team, composed of Terry Eastwood, John Roeder, the Post-doctoral Fellow and, ex-officio, the Project Co-ordinator and the Technical Co-ordinator. In carrying out the intellectual direction of the Project, the Project Director was supported by the International Team, composed of the chairs of all research units and of the national/multinational teams, which acted as the steering committee for the Project, and by the Advisory Board.

The InterPARES 2 Project Office was located at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies of The University of British Columbia.

The staff members were: 
Project Co-ordinator: 
Randy Preston (2006-2007)
Greg Kozak (2005-2006)
Yau Min Chong (2003-2005)
Tahra Fung (2002-2003)
Technical Co-ordinator: 
Jean-Pascal Morghese
Project Assistant: 
Sandy Orr

In addition, the direction of the project included:
Post-doctoral Fellow: 

Bonnie Mak (2004-2006)
Jean-François Blanchette (2002-2004)
Brent Lee (2002)

Communication and Meetings
The Project Director and the International Team met twice a year to review and discuss work in progress and findings, to assign tasks and responsibilities to research units, to resolve issues related to national and multinational teams, to decide upon the public release of Project documents and to approve admittance of new members. They also met for one day when all researchers convened during the bi-annual, week-long plenary research workshops to perform research activities that required face-to-face interaction, such as modeling, and to compare and integrate the results of the research activities carried out by the various units in between meetings.

Both International Team and plenary workshops were the primary means of ensuring interdisciplinarity, transferability of results, open inquiry, and coherence among multiple methodologies and disciplinary outlooks. The summaries of these meetings can be found here.

For more information about the Project’s organization, click here to see the InterPARES 2 Organizational Policy.

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