The Long-term Preservation of Authentic Electronic Records:
Findings of the InterPARES Project
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Authenticity Task Force

The Template for Analysis
This document identifies all the known elements of an electronic record based on the principles and concepts of diplomatics and archival science.
interpares_TemplateforAnalysis_071100.pdf (43kb)

Research Methodology Statement
This document outlines the methods being employed by the Authenticity Taskforce in addressing the Domain I research questions.
interpares_ResearchMethodologyStatement.pdf (1kb)

Documents Mapping InterPARES Authenticity Requirements against Existing Standards
interpares_DocumentsMapping.pdf (513kb)

Sample Typology - Records of the Papal Chancery
interpares_PapalChancery.pdf (72kb)

Applying Content Analysis to Case Study Data - A Preliminary Report
interpares_ApplyingContentAnalysis.pdf (80kb)

Template Element Data Gathering Instrument (TEDGI)
interpares_TEDGI.pdf (212kb)

Case Study Interview Protocol (CSIP)
interpares_CSIP.pdf (212kb)

Case Study Overview - Case Study 01
interpares_cs_01_overview.pdf  (68kb)

Case Study Overview - Case Study 06
interpares_cs_06_overview.pdf  (62kb)

Case Study Overview - Case Study 11
interpares_cs_11_overview.pdf (54kb)

Case Study Overview - Case Study 19
iinterpares_cs_19_overview.pdf (71kb)

Case Study Overview - Case Study 23
interpares_cs_23_overview.pdf  (76kb)

Case Study Overview - Case Study 24
interpares_cs_24_overview.pdf (86kb)


Appraisal Task Force

Appraisal of Electronic Records: A Review of the Literature in English
A summary of the relevant literature in the field of electronic record appraisal written by Terry Eastwood, chair of the Appraisal Task Force. This report was used to start the Task Force's discussion on its problem domain and to refine its research questions.
interpares_ERAppraisalLiteratureReview.pdf (73kb)


Preservation Task Force

Survey of Preservation Practices and Plans
survey_of_preservation_practices&plans.pdf (105kb)

media.pdf (189kb)


The InterPARES Glossary
The InterPARES Glossary contains definitions for terms that are used in InterPARES research materials. The primary purpose of the InterPARES Glossary is to facilitate the communication of ideas and research findings by clearly defining key terminology that is used within the InterPARES Project (additional background information about the InterPARES Glossary is provided in the document's preface).
InterPARES Glossary 2002-1.pdf



InterPARES Bibliography: Music Research Project
This document is a commented bibliography of literature on the concept of the authenticity in music.
interpares_music_research_project.pdf (87kb)

InterPARES Symposium Proceeding, February 2000
The complete proceedings from the February 2000, InterPARES Symposium
interpares_symposium_2000.pdf (574kb)

InterPARES Symposium Proceeding, February 2001
The complete proceedings from the February 2001, InterPARES Symposium
interpares_symposium_2001.pdf (1MB)



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