Papers & Presentations


The following was presented at the International Congress of Archives, Seville, September 2000.

  • Luciana Duranti - The Impact of Technological Change on Archival Theory
    ld_sevilla_2000.pdf (32kb)

These are the two presentations from the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting 2000 in Denver, Colorado.

  • Heather MacNeil - Conceptualizing an Authentic Electronic Record
    hm_saa_2000.pdf (30kb)
  • Kenneth Thibodeau -  Between 20 Years and 2000: Sorting out Electronic Records in an Operational Context
    kt_saa_2000.pdf (23kb)

In June 2002 in College Park, MD, the InterPARES Project presented their findings at a symposium hosted by the Unites States National Archives and Record Administration.



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