InterPARES 3 Project, 7th International Symposium
10-11 May 2012, SALT GALATA, Istanbul, Turkey

Management of Cultural Heritage in a Digital World & Convergence in Memory Institutions: Library, Archives & Museums

Day 1: Thursday, May 10, 2012

Opening Presentations
Beyond InterPARES: Trust and Digital Records - Luciana Duranti; Director, InterPARES Project and TEAM Canada

1. Organizational e-Records Management Practices in Turkey - Hamza Kandur; Professor, Vice-rector Provost, Marmara University / TEAM Turkey

2. Information Organizations in a Changing World - Yaşar Tonta; Professor, Dept. of Information Managment, Hacettepe University / TEAM Turkey


Panel 1: Management of Cultural Heritage in Digital World Panel 2: Practical Examples on Management of Cultural Heritage

Day 2: Friday, May 11, 2012

Theme: The Long-term Preservation of Authentic Digital Records: The Findings of the InterPARES Project (1998-2012)

InterPARES 3 Project Overview - Luciana Duranti; Director, InterPARES Project and TEAM Canada

1. The Authenticity of Data Centric Systems in the Girona City Council - Lluis-Esteve Casellas; Head, Department of Archives and Records Management (GDA), Girona Local Council / TEAM Catalonia

2. An Electronic Records Management System at ICCROM: TEAM Italy, Case Study 01 - María Mata Caravaca; Archivist, International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) / TEAM Italy

3. The Contribution of InterPARES Terminology Task Force to Archival Terminology and Practice in Brazil - Rosely Curi Rondinelli; Researcher, Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa (FCRB) / TEAM Brazil


1. Digital Photographic Records: The UNICAMP Public Relations and Press Office Case Study - Claudia Lacombe Rocha; Archivist, National Archives of Brazil / Director, TEAM Brazil

2. New Channels for Electronic Transaction: Certified E-Document Authority in Korea - Eun G. Park; Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, McGill University / Academic Co-investigator, TEAM Korea

3. Electronic Records Management in the Malaysian Government - Rusnah Johare; Deputy Dean (Quality and Research), Faculty of Information Management, UiTM / Director, TEAM Malaysia

4. InterPARES/ICA Educational Modules for Continuing Development: Topics in Digital Preservation - Corinne Rogers; PhD Candidate, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS), The University of British Columbia / TEAM Canada

Symposium Speaker Biographies

Luciana Duranti is Chair of the Master of Archival Studies at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies of the University of British Columbia, Canada, and a Professor of archival theory, diplomatics, and the management of digital records in both its master’s and doctoral archival programs. She has been the Director of InterPARES since 1998, a multi-national and multi-disciplinary research project studying the long-term preservation of authentic electronic records. In addition to teaching, she is involved in numerous scholarly, professional, and knowledge dissemination activities, including participation in international conferences and in archival committees, public talks in events open to non-specialized audiences, and invited lectures in several universities. She also publish widely in the areas of archival theory and history, and diplomatics.She is the recipient of several prestigious awards such as the Jacob Biely Faculty Research Prize and the appointment to the Italian Supreme Council for Cultural Properties by the Italian government. Prof Duranti is being cited for "her enormous and outstanding research contributions to the field of archival studies." More information is available on her web site at

María Mata Caravaca has been the Archivist of ICCROM (The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) since 2002. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, Spain. She also trained in conservation and restoration in Florence and at ICCROM in Rome, and received her professional archival degree from the Vatican School.

Lluís Esteve-Casellas is Head of the Department of Archives and Records Management (GDA), of Girona Local Council, and Data Manager of Data Privacy. He participates in national and international working groups and gives training courses.

Rusnah Johare received her professional certification and MA in archival studies, both from University College London and her PhD in records management from Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. She has many years of professional and academic experience in records and archives management field, ranging from job as an archivist at the National Archives of Malaysia to her current position as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information Management, University Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. Her major areas of research are in electronic records management and long-term preservation of corporate memory. She is currently the Director of TEAM Malaysia of the InterPARES 3 Project and a member of the Technical Committee of the Malaysian Standards Development for Records and Archives.

Hamza Kandur is Vice Rector, Marmara University, and professor in the Department of Information and Records Management. After graduating from Hacettepe University, Department of Librarianship in 1986, he went to Great Britain to pursue postgraduate studies. After completing his master's at Loughborough University of Technology, Department of Library Archives and Information Studies, he completed his doctorate at University College London, School of Library, Archives and Information Studies, with his dissertation, “Electronic Records Management” in 1992. In the same year, he began teaching at Marmara University. He became an Assistant Associate Professor in 1993, an Associate Professor in 1998, and a Full Professor in 2006. Dr. Kandur still serves as the Head of the Marmara University's Department of Information and Records Management. He has produced a number of publications and has lead a number of projects in his areas of interest, which include “Electronic Document Management”, “Document Standards” and “E-State”.

Eun G. Park received her PhD in Information Studies from University of California, Los Angeles and MBA from University of Pittsburgh. She is currently an Associate Professor attached to the School of Information Studies, McGill University, Canada. She is an outstanding researcher and her research areas are in digital archiving, digital preservation, electronic records systems, document imaging, content management, metadata and institutional repositories. She is involved in the InterPARES Projects since 2003 under TEAM Korea.

Claudia Lacombe Rocha received a bachelor's degree in History from Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, and an MA in Informatics from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. She is currently attached to the National Archives of Brazil and since 2003 she has been in charge of the Electronic Records Management and Preservation Task Force at the National Archives. She is also the President of the Electronic Records Committee at the National Council on Archives of Brazil and is the Director of the InterPARES 3 Project’s TEAM Brazil.

Rosely Curi Rondinelli has been an Archivist with the Foundation Casa de Rui Barbosa (FCRB) since 1983, when she joined the Historical Archives of the institution. In 1994, she was invited to take over as Head of the Department of Archives at the Indian Museum - Funai. She returned to FCRB in 2007, becoming a member of the team at the Archive Museum of Brazilian Literature, where she specialized in digital archival documents, chargeable to the organization of the digital archive of the writer Rodrigo de Souza Lion. She is a member of the Technical Chamber of Documents Electronics (CTDE) of the National Archives Council (CNPq). Dr. Rondinelli also participated as a representative of the Caribean Latin American InterPARES Dissemination (CLAID) project, and as a researcher for TEAM Brazil in the InterPARES 3 Project.

Corinne Rogers is a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in the School of Library and Information Studies under the supervision of Dr. Luciana Duranti. Her area of research is in establishing the requirements for preservation of authenticity of digital evidence over time. She has been a graduate research assistant for the InterPARES 3 Project since 2008, and also worked as a graduate research assistant on the Digital Records Forensics Project, focusing on management of digital evidence by law enforcement and the courts.

Yasar Tonta is the founding director of the Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (1996-1998). He has served as Chair of the Information Management Committee (IMC) of NATO's Research & Technology Organization (1999-2001); Director of the Lecture Series on Electronic Information Management (2002-2004); Chair of the Symposium on Information Management in the Changing World (2007-2009-2011-2013, Ankara, Turkey); Guest co-editor (with Gail Hodges) for the special issue of Information Services & Use (vol. 25, no 1, 2005) on electronic information management; and Editor of Türk Kütüphaneciliği (1995-1996), and Bilgi Dünyası (2000). He received his graduate degrees from UC Berkeley (Ph.D.), University of Wales (M.Lib.), and Hacettepe University (M.A.). He has published in professional journals (e.g., JASIS&T, Scientometrics, and LISR) and is a member of several organizations, including ASIS&T. Additional information about Dr. Tonta is available on his webpage at

Event Program

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