InterPARES 3 Project: TEAM Colombia TEAM Turkey TEAM Norway TEAM Malaysia TEAM Mexico TEAM Korea TEAM Italy InterPARES 3 TEAM China TEAM Catalonia TEAM Canada TEAM Brazil TEAM Africa

TEAM Canada Composition

  • Director, principal investigator

  • Co-investigators (individual academic and professional researchers)

  • Test-bed partners (archives or archival units within organizations that are the locus and subject of the research, the primary stakeholders)

  • Resource partners (organizations that have an expertise in some aspect of the research and share it providing regular input and feedback)

  • Collaborators (individuals who have a special expertise in some aspect of the research and will be called to contribute to the Project as needed)

  • Graduate Research Assistants (graduate students enrolled in archival and/or library studies programs of education or in programs relevant to the matter of specific case studies, e.g., journalism, criminology)


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