Research Questions

  • Is the term proposed specific to a field? If so, is its definition agreed upon in such field? If other definitions exist, how does the definition proposed relate to the others used? If the term is not specific to a field, is it a term in common usage or a neologism? How is its use justifiable in the context of the research?

  • Is the term proposed used in other fields as well? If so, is its definition consistent across such fields? If not, what are the justifications for using one definition over another?

  • Is the term used in several languages/traditions? If so, are the definitions consistent? If not, what are the justifications for using one definition over another?

  • Is the term proposed consistent with the terms already used by the Project? If so, does such inconsistency warrant a review of the already accepted terms in light of the new findings?

  • Does the term express a concept that is already wholly or partially expressed by other already accepted terms or more appropriate terms?


  • Develop rules and procedures for generating all of the products.
  • Develop criteria for deciding upon the terms and phrases for inclusion in the products.
  • Generate the Register by means of concordance software operating on electronic copies of IP1 and 2 and UBC Project corpus.
  • Create a bibliography of primary and secondary sources for IP2 terminology.
  • Ask the RAs and the experts in specific disciplines to excerpt quotations from these sources for inclusion in the Glossary and the Dictionary.
  • Generate products in the following order: Register, Glossary, Dictionary, and Thesaurus.
  • Build an online Glossary/Dictionary/Thesaurus database for all researchers to view, provide feedback, provide suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc.
  • Use feedback that comes in to revise the Glossary, Dictionary, and Thesaurus.
  • Investigate and experiment with new computational methods of conceptual mapping. (e.g., topic maps)


To see the Terminology Cross-domain’s Research Design Statement, please click here.


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