The Terminology Database was designed to support multidisciplinary communication in the InterPARES 2 research project. By extension, this Database now stands as a contribution to our understanding of records in dynamic, interactive and experiential systems in the artistic, scientific and governmental sectors.

It contains three terminological instruments: a Glossary, Dictionary and Ontologies. The first of these, the Glossary, is an authoritative list of terms and definitions that are core to our understanding of the evolving records creation, keeping and preservation environments. The Dictionary is a tool used to facilitate interdisciplinary communication. It contains multiple definitions for terms, from multiple disciplines. By using this tool, researchers can see how Archival Science deploys terminology compared to Computer Science, Library and Information Science, the Arts, etc. The third terminological instrument, the Ontologies, identify explicit relationships between concepts of records. This is useful for communicating the nuances of Diplomatics in the dynamic, experiential and interactive environments.

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The following complete documents are available for downloading in PDF format: