• To develop an understanding of experiential, interactive and dynamic information systems, of the records produced and maintained within them, and of their present and potential use in artistic, scientific and governmental sectors;

  • To formulate methods for ensuring that these records are generated and maintained by the creator in a way that guarantees their accuracy, reliability and authenticity;

  • To formulate methods for selecting these records for long-term preservation in a way that guarantees that the authentic records are identified, monitored and maintained with their identity and integrity intact until they are transferred to the responsibility of the preserver;

  • To develop methods and strategies for the long-term preservation of the authenticity of the selected records;

  • To identify and/or develop specifications for policy, metadata and tools appropriate for the design of electronic infrastructures ensuring that these records are created accurate and reliable, and maintained and preserved authentic; and

  • To develop criteria for evaluating advanced technologies appropriate for implementing the above objectives, in ways that respect cultural diversity and pluralism.

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