InterPARES 2


The InterPARES Director, with the collaboration of her team, has submitted a proposal to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for a second phase of the research project, called InterPARES 2, that, although strongly rooted on the findings of InterPARES 1, will be dramatically innovative in several ways: 

  1. it will address issues of reliability and accuracy in addition to issues of authenticity, where InterPARES 1 is only concerned with authenticity; 
  2. it will address them throughout the records' life-cycle (from creation to permanent preservation), where InterPARES 1 is concerned with non-current records destined to permanent preservation; 
  3. it will focus on records produced in new digital environments, experiential, dynamic, and interactive, where InterPARES 1 is concerned with records generated in databases and document management systems; and 
  4. its object will be records resulting from artistic, scientific and government activities; where InterPARES 1 is concerned with records resulting from administrative and legal activities. 

Accordingly, although almost all present InterPARES researchers will participate in this second phase, several new co-investigators, specialists in the new areas of research, have signed up. If the funding is provided, it will support the direction of the project and, together with the University of British Columbia and the National Archives of Canada, the work of the Canadian Team. The participants from other countries will be funded by their own granting agencies and institutions. For a summary of the proposed project and a  list of participants by team, see the following links.

InterPARES 2: Experiential, Interactive and Dynamic Records